July 25, 2013

Stephen Petersburg

Steve directed natural resource management and natural science research programs at Dinosaur National Monument from 1973 into 2002. Major activities included endangered species recovery programs, environmental compliance, research administration, fire and resource management planning, wildland fire use, prescribed burning, and fire effects studies.

Steve participated in development and revision of agency and interagency national policy and guidelines for fire and resource management. He also participated in development and testing of several national resource and fire management courses, including Fire Management for Agency Administrators and Advanced Fire Use Applications (S-580).

Steve has extensive experience in meeting facilitation with endangered species recovery teams, Incident Management Teams, research symposia, river management, and wildland fire and fuels projects.

Qualified Wildland Fire Experience:

  • Type 1 Planning Section Chief
  • Type III Incident Commander
  • Fire Use Manager
  • Type 1 Prescribed Fire Burn Boss
  • Prescribed Fire Manager