February 23, 2015


Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) Services

If your unit needs assistance producing a BAER plan after a fire or implementing an approved plan, WFA can help you. We have specialists with strong BAER backgrounds, including individuals who helped develop and implement the BAER policy, and specialists with field experience in the development of BAER plans. WFA can offer you:

  • Qualified technical specialists with strong understanding of BAER policy that can lead a team to produce a high-quality BAER plan
  • Highly experienced professionals that can lead the implementation of an approved BAER plan, allowing your unit staff to do their own jobs.

Community Wildfire Protection Planning

WFA has extensive experience in this rapidly evolving field at the local, county, and state levels. We bring to the process years of combined experience that we draw on to work with a wide-range of stakeholders to fashion creative solutions to often complex problems.

Ecological Services

WFA has the expertise to provide real-world solutions in the arena of Section 7 compliance. Wildland Fire Associates can draw from a wide-range of experience to solve your fire management problems. Our staff is prepared to quickly and efficiently assess your needs and recommend a solution or suite of actions designed to meet your unique situation.


Wildland Fire Associates has the unique ability to put together diverse teams of facilitators with fire experience to aid with a great variety of meetings. The depth of experience of WFA allows the presence of facilitators with unique understanding of fire management, smoke management and other resource-related issues.

Fire Management Plans & NEPA Compliance

WFA has developed fire management plans and NEPA compliance documents for a wide range of clients including the BIA, BLM, NPS, USFWS, and The Nature Conservancy. Plans have ranged in complexity from ones designed for units with full-suppression to areas desiring to use fire to manage lands under multiple jurisdictions.

Fuels Analysis & Fire Behavior Modeling

Wildland Fire Associates is in the forefront of the rapidly changing fields of fuels analysis and fire behavior modeling . We have the experience, education, and knowledge necessary to use tried and true models, evolving models, or custom models to develop prescriptions that will create the desired conditions on the ground needed to enhance fire control capabilities and the protect the public.

We have developed the expertise gained from years in the field required to complete fuels assessments and present them in an easy to understand digital format with well-written, concise supporting documentation.

Incident Management Services

Wildland Fire Associates has extensive incident management experience, meeting all NWCG standards. Our associates have served as incident commanders, planning section chiefs, operations and liaison officers, and resource specialists.

Legal Support

WFA has wide-ranging experience providing professional expertise for legal cases involving wildland fire management. Our experience includes:

  • Witness testimony from specialists with over 40 years of experience in wildland fire and natural resources management
  • Fire behavior modeling and analysis
  • Review of fire behavior predictions related to cases
  • Analysis of firefighting methods and tactics
  • Fuels assessments and fire ecology research