July 24, 2013

Draft Biological Assessment, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / National Park Service

grand_canyon_biological_assessmentGrand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

The preparation of this document required a strong resource background, particularly in the area of endangered, threatened, and species of concern. The document follows U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service format and guidelines, the purpose of which is to allow the ecological services office to render a biological opinion on the effects of the wildland fire program on listed species.

Fire Management Plan and Supporting Environmental Assessment,
National Park Service

This Fire Management Plan covers all of the alternatives available to managers.  Grand Canyon National Park has one of the highest visitations in the National Park System.  The continuation of natural processes, protection of cultural resources, park visitors and neighbors combined to make this a complex plan.  Hazard fuel conditions, smoke concerns, and commercial operations served to further complicate this plan.