February 25, 2015

Community Wildfire Protection Plan For Warren County Pennsylvania

Warren County Emergency Service Zone Area

Warren County Emergency Service Zone Area

Wildland Fire Associates developed the first Community Wildfire Protection Plan for Warren County in Pennsylvania. We helped the landowners assess their current fuels and wildfire potential and developed a plan to protect their property from wildfire.

The process began by seeking input from key stakeholders and compiling wildfire vulnerability data for the county. Based on these data, Wildland Fire Associates drafted a Community Wildfire Protection Plan with recommendations regarding areas needing protection and the establishment of risk-reduction priorities.

Agencies, local residents, and other stakeholders must work together to proactively prepare for future wildland fires and changes in forest health. In the case of fire, the best offense is a good defense.

The data analysis completed for this plan is based on the Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques and data. The process used is similar to others used by federal, state, and local land management agencies. This process starts by assembling the best available data in two key categories: fuels and values at risk that can be lost or damaged in the event of a wildland fire. The data layers are then ranked according to importance on a qualitative scale, assigned a weight based on relative importance in relation to each other, and then added together for a numerical ranking (low to extreme).

See the entireĀ Warren County Community Wildfire Protection Plan here.

WFA brings years of combined experience in this field at the local, county, and state levels. Contact us to put our experience to work on your next Community Wildfire Protection Plan.