July 24, 2013

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), Hot Sulphur Springs-Parshall Fire District

hot_sulphur_cwppHot Sulphur Springs-Parshall Fire District & the Williams Fork Valley, Colorado.

WFA has been awarded the contract to develop a CWPP for the Hot Sulphur Springs-Parshall Fire District and the Williams Fork Valley in north-central Colorado. Of primary concern for the community is the dominant lodgepole forest has been decimated by the current Mountain Pine Beetle infestation – with up to 90% mortality in some areas. Local, state, and federal officials and land managers are involved in the overall planning process. GIS technology is playing a large role in the development of the plan. The focus of the CWPP is on how to best mitigate the impacts of a wildfire, with special consideration being given the rapidly changing fuel types. The design of future fuels treatment projects will be based upon decisions made during this process.

This project has been completed and the CWPP files are listed below. (pdf format)