January 16, 2014

Are You Interested in Joining WFA?

WFA was founded in 2001 by career wildland fire and natural resource managers interested in working part-time doing work they enjoy. Throughout our history we have worked on a variety of contracts ranging from:

  • consulting on wildland fire and fuels issues on private and public land,
  • writing original fire management plans and Community Wildfire Protection Plans,
  • assessing and monitoring fuel conditions in many fuel types,
  • meeting facilitation,
  • providing expert witness testimony and specialized consulting for legal cases.

We are looking for People with Good Ideas.

The WFA approach is associates providing the business and the company provides the business platform. WFA is interested in working with people who have good ideas and want to actively pursue them. Although some of our contracts come from people who have found our website or been referred by a friend or peer, most of our contracts have come through active solicitation by WFA associates.

What is an Associate?

WFA does not have employees. We have associates who are dedicated to the company, but only work on specific projects that they choose. The benefit of our system is that it ensures that associates do the kind of work they like and work when they want to.

The associate agrees to:

  • actively solicit work for WFA,
  • project a good image for the company,
  • participate in projects for which you are qualified and not actively compete against WFA for contracts.

WFA provides:

  • a professional business platform, including a current GSA contract and DUNS number,
  • general and professional liability insurance when working on WFA contracts,
  • full access to invoicing and payment services,
  • photo and biography on the WFA website, as well as access to our Facebook and Twitter sites,
  • the ability to work within an established company with an extensive network within the wildland fire and natural resource community.

Sample associate’s agreement

How to join WFA

To join, please email a resume to info@wildlandfireassociates.com. Please include two references. WFA will notify you within two weeks if you have been accepted as an associate. The annual membership fee for new associates is $25. The membership fee is used to help defray insurance and administrative costs.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 303-229-4470.

Please note: WFA does not provide full-time employment, benefits or Worker’s Compensation.