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Wildland Fire Associates is a diverse partnership of former career federal and state wildland fire and natural resource managers located in several states throughout the country.

Our team has an unparalleled background of providing professional wildland fire and land management planning that supports sustainable ecosystems and sustainable communities.

The WFA approach is science-based, integrative, holistic and uses a collaborative approach to ensure that the needs of the ecosystems and those that use them are met.

How can we help you?


With our extensive experience and synergistic approach we can help meet your needs in the areas of community wildfire protection plans, fuels analysis, fire behavior modeling, fire management plans, NEPA compliance documents, ecological services, professional consulting, and more.
Fire Management Plans & NEPA Compliance

WFA has developed fire management plans and NEPA compliance documents for a wide range of clients including the BIA, BLM, NPS, USFWS, and The Nature Conservancy. Plans have ranged in complexity from ones designed for units with full-suppression to areas desiring to use fire to manage lands under multiple jurisdictions.

Community Wildfire Protection Planning

WFA has extensive experience in this rapidly evolving field at the local, county, and state levels. We bring to the process years of combined experience that we draw on to work with a wide-range of stakeholders to fashion creative solutions to often complex problems.

Fuels Analysis & Fire Behavior Modeling

Wildland Fire Associates is in the forefront of the fields of fuels analysis and fire behavior modeling. We have developed expertise gained from years in the field completing fuels assessments and presenting them in an easy to understand digital format with well-written, concise supporting documentation.

Ecological Services

WFA has the expertise to provide real-world solutions in the arena of Section 7 compliance. Our staff is prepared to quickly and efficiently assess your needs and recommend a solution or suite of actions designed to meet your unique situation.


WFA facilitators have the background necessary to facilitate your meeting; be it a small group of landowners with opposing views to a large, national conference. We can keep your meeting moving, gain consensus, and accomplish the goals of the organizers in an efficient, orderly manner.

Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation

We have specialists with strong BAER backgrounds, including individuals who helped develop and implement the BAER policy, and specialists with field experience in the development of BAER plans.

Incident Management Services

Our associates have served as incident commanders, planning section chiefs, operations and liaison officers, and resource specialists, meeting all NWCG standards.

Legal Support

WFA has wide-ranging experience providing professional expertise for legal cases involving wildland fire management.

Are You Interested in Joining WFA?

WFA is interested in working with people who have good ideas and want to actively pursue them.

Learn more about how to become a Wildland Fire Associate, or contact us.

Our Team

Wildland Fire Associates is a consortium of career wildland fire and natural resource managers who are retired, but want to continue putting their experience to work for you.
Elizabeth Anderson
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Chief Operating Officer
Elizabeth is one of the original founders of Wildland Fire Associates and is currently the Chief Operating Officer. Before WFA, she had a 15-year career with the US Forest Service and National Park Service.
Carl Douhan
Mr. Douhan had 30 years of experience as a career employee with the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He served as a Regional Fire Management Officer for the NPS and as the Regional Prescribed Fire Specialist for the USFWS.
Rich McCrea
During his career, Rich worked 32 years in fire management and forestry. Outfitted with a degree in Forest Management, he started his career as a seasonal employee with the Forest Service as a forestry technician and member of the Helena Interagency Hotshot Crew, then moved on to permanent positions with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) as a Fire Management Officer, at three different field locations.
 John Lissoway
John is our lead instructor for many of the classes that Wildland Fire Associates offers. Armed with a degree in Forest Management, John has over 29 years experience in fire and resources management and in training. He has had 22 years experience as supervisor of training and budget/fiscal programming. His expertise is also in wilderness management, exotic species control and cultural aspects of resources management.

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