July 25, 2013

Rod Hoibakk

Rod spent the bulk of his career in the US Forest Service in two different Regions and three National Forests. Emphasizing the planning and application of prescribed fire as an addition to wildland fire suppression duties, Rod created a reputation for building successful fuels treatment programs that provided fire protection for wildland and its’ adjacent communities. Before retirement from the Forest Service as the Forest Fire Management Officer on the Prescott National Forest in Arizona, Rod completed a framework of cooperation with local municipalities that spanned both suppression and fuels treatment. This provided a springboard for efforts that continue today.

Rod has written a variety of large scale plans including Fire Management Plans for large ranches in Texas and New Mexico, community defense plans for municipalities, and Environmental Assessment documents to address the concerns surrounding those plans. In addition to work with WFA, Rod remains active in the prescribed fire and fire suppression arena; participating in fire suppression duties.


  • Operations Section Chief Type I
  • Incident Commander Type III
  • Branch Director
  • Division Supervisor
  • Prescribed Fire Burn Boss I
  • Structure Protection Specialist
  • Prescribed Fire Manager