July 24, 2013

Joint Fire Management Plan and Supporting Environmental Assessment, U.S Forest Service / National Park Service

flathead_glacier_fire_management_planFlathead National Forest, Glacier National Park, Montana.

This project included an Environmental Assessment and a proposed new Wildland Fire Management Plan under contract by Glacier National Park. A park-wide interdisciplinary team coordinated by Wildland Fire Associates focused on discussions of fire-related goals and objectives stated in the Park’s General Management Plan and Resource Management Plan for more than one million acres of management area.

Wildland Fire Associates prepared summaries for team review and concurrence. Issues, concerns, and opportunities were identified from public meetings held in the Glacier area, with strong support of the use of wildland fire to meet park resource management objectives voiced. Indian tribes adjacent to the park were consulted, as were state and federal regulators.

As directed by federal wildland fire policy, National Fire Plan direction, and National Park Service policies, the Fire Management Plan and Environmental Assessment address strategies for managing wildland fire and prescribed fire for maintaining and restoring ecosystems and reducing the risk of unwanted fire in and adjacent to the park.