Community Wildfire Protection Plans

Wildland Fire Associates has extensive experience developing CWPP’s over the past 14 years, with a highly qualified staff of career wildland fire managers who have experience at the community, county and state levels.

We can help you collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to forge creative solutions to complex problems. We can provide a well-rounded staff that includes facilitators, fire behavior analysts, fuels managers, GIS capability, and writers and editors.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mitigation Activities in the Wildland Urban Interface; Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs)

The Joint Fire Science Program has funded a Forest Guild project to create a “Community CWPP Effectiveness Reference Guidebook” based on a detailed assessment of the mitigation activities in eight communities across New Mexico.  John Lissoway is providing expert document review and comment based on his expertise in developing a wildfire risk rating system for … Continued

Landscape-Scale Wildland Fire Risk/Hazard/Value Assessment, BLM

Nevada. WFA successfully completed 16 landscape-scale wildland fire risk and hazard assessments for all counties within Nevada, and developed a statewide summary report. We used numerous GIS layers to provide BLM with a seamless analysis of hazard fuels, values at risk and threat assessments for these values. The information was used to help prioritize fuels … Continued

Community Wildfire Protection Plan Pueblo County, Colorado.

Pueblo County, Colorado. In the Summer of 2006,  Wildland Fire Associates assisted in the planning process by facilitating several public and team meetings, compiling data provided by the core team, gathering additional information needed to complete the CWPP, recommending treatment options, and drafting and finalizing the plan. As part of the process, Wildland Fire Associates … Continued